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Kelling Heath

This glorious area near the coastal town of Sheringham is a haven of calm and tranquility. The woodland and nature surges from the earth in abundance and vigour.

It is a charming experience to flag down a steam train to take you into the centre of Sheringham via luxuriant landscape. There is a little platform on the end of woodland that sits on the line. A genuine delight.

The walks available are extensive, and you can take several routes around the coast.

This area is mainly heathland and woodland. You can walk for miles in a world of greenery and calm.

It seems curious that this is home to a fair number of park homes and is also a touring park for caravans and motorhomes. The layout maintains a natural and wild feel. When I walk around it, there is no proper sense of it being a holiday park.

The spaciousness and sheer expanse of vegetation keeps the human element barely perceptible.

Norfolk is one of my favourite counties and I never tire of visiting it. 
I have it to thank for the inspiration behind an enormous part of my work.

Look out for further posts, on more of my treasured places in Norfolk, coming later.

You can find out more about Kelling Heath here