The Artist and the Creative Process

The Journey to Becoming An Artist

Hello, I am artist and maker Jacqueline May Freer, producing individual prints from my own original art work.

Throughout my childhood I would scavenge the family home, explore the beautiful countryside and pounce on a creative project.

This love of art and nature followed me through my teenage years, where I left home to study Fine Art & Ceramics at the University of Lancaster in 1984.

Once leaving full time education I put my art on hold to bring up my son which was a wonderful experience that I do not regret. I went back into education and qualified as an AAT accredited accountant.

This vocation gave me the experience and strength to follow my dreams. I have not looked back.

Inspiration and Creative Process

I take inspiration from visits to many wonderful places in the UK. My art celebrates what excites me most about what I see around me. A means to capture and share my moment of elation. I take lots and lots of photos where ever I go for use as source material.

One favourite place is my own garden. Especially on a sunny day, with a good book and chilled glass of wine…bliss!

I am proud to have worked at the Arts and Crafts Cottage of Stoneywell in Leicestershire, as a National Trust volunteer gardener. I found much inspiration for my work there.

You will also find Norfolk and especially the north coast, regularly visited by me and my husband, features often in my work. I hope to add many more visited and loved places to my portfolio as time goes by.

I create my original designs using art marker pens for their tone and vibrancy. I delight in colour and how it interplays in nature and on the page. Introducing the simple beauty of line in my work first, to give form and a place for the colour to come alive.