I've always been a creative soul.

The Opportunist

Throughout my childhood I would scavenge the family home, explore the beautiful countryside and pounce on a creative project.

The Student

This passion followed me through my teen years, where I left home to study fine Art at the University of Lancaster in 1984.

The Realist

Once leaving education, I fashioned my hat of sensibility and joined the 9-5 office parade, giving me the security to raise my son.

Back to School

When I reached 40 and like most at that age, I wanted to end my career with a sense of achievement so I went back to school.

The Professional

I became an accountant, which gave me the strength and know how to understand business relationships. I absolutely loved it!

The Artist

After 30 years of building my confidence, I returned to my roots and I’ve never looked back.

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