Greeting Cards – Small

Greeting Cards- Small   £2.00 Each (uk p&d £0.60)   4 for £7.00 (uk p&d f.o.c.)


NEW GC98-LS2 Late Summer Detail 1


NEW GC98-LS3 Late Summer Detail 2


NEW GC98-TC2 Tree Canopy Detail 2


NEW GC98-TC1 Tree Canopy Detail 1

GC98-AB1 Blossom on White

GC98-AB2 Blossom on Umber

GC98-AB3 Blossom on Pastel

GC98-AB4 Blossom-Abstract

GC98-PI1 Purple Iris……

GC98-PH2 Hydrangea Centre

GC98-PH4 Hydrangea Bloom

GC98-PH3 Hydrangea Detail


GC98-FS1 Flowerscape


GC98-FS2 Flowerscape-detail


GC98-PE1 Pink Echinacea


GC98-PE2 Echinacea on Umber


GC98-RE1 Red Echinacea


GC98-RE2 Red Echinacea

GC98-MG3 Millenium Garden

GC98-MG2 Millennium Garden

GC98-MG1 Millennium Garden

GC98-SL1 Seed Head Landscape

GC98-RY1 Banks of the Yare

GC98-SP2 Seed Head Portrait

GC98-SP1 Seed Head Portrait

GC98-UH1 Upton Trees -B&W

GC98-UH2 Upton Trees -Blue Sky

GC98-UH3 Upton Trees-Soft

GC98-UH4 Upton Trees-Colour

GC98-WP6 Six Winter Pines

GC98-SP5 Five Spring Pines

GC98-WP4 Four Winter Pines

GC98-SP4 Four Spring Pines


GC98-BUH Blossom on Umber Heart


GC98-REH Red Echinacea Heart

GC98-BPH Blossom on Pastel Heart

GC98-EUH Echinacea Heart

GC98-SPH Sead Head Heart

GC98-PEH Pink Echinacea Heart

GC98-TMH Titchwell Marsh Heart

GC98-PHH Purple Hydrangea Heart

GC98-FSH Flowerscape Heart

GC98-GR1 Garden Robin on White

GC98-GR2 Garden Robin on Blue

GC98-HB1 Garden Holly Bright


GC98-HL1 Garden Holly Light

GC98-HD1 Garden Holly Dark

GC98-BA1 Bengie with Antlers

GC98-BH1 Bengie in a Red Hat

GC98-SR1 Stoneywell Robin on White

GC98-SR2 Stoneywell Robin on Blue

GC98-SR3 Stoneywell Robin on Umber

GC98-LH1 Labrador in a Red Hat



























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Individually printed by the artist, onto Bockingford Water Colour Paper.
At 190gms it is chosen for its beautiful colour, texture and print finish.
9.8 x 9.8 cm square when closed.
Comes with ivory envelope and packaged in protective cello sleeve

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