The Artist

I am Jackie Freer, an artist and maker, living and working in Leicestershire

I have always been a creative soul, drawing and making through out childhood

This let to a Degree in Fine Art & Ceramics from Lancaster University in 1984

After graduation I decided to put on my sensible hat, and get a good steady office job

This steady job helped me create a home and bring up my son

In my 40’s I went back to college to study accounting and loved it!

My career progressed to assistant accountant for a local business which I loved

But things changed, as they always do, and my job went part-time

So nearly 30 years on from graduation I dusted off my paints and colouring pens and started drawing again

Things quickly developed and I chose to devoted myself full-time to my art

Jacqueline May Designs was launched in 2013

I am amazed to be back were I started and have to pinch myself sometimes

Influence and Inspiration

I draw on the principles of the Arts and Crafts Movement and my great love of English nature, rich culture and history

I take inspiration from visits to many wonderful places in the United Kingdom

Nature has always been a major influence in my art. I am just in so much awe of its beauty that sometimes I wonder if I will be able to capture even just a bit of it

I favourite place is my garden, especially on a sunny day, with a good book and chilled glass of wine…bliss!

I love to garden at home but also at Stoneywell Cottage as a National Trust volunteer

Gardening is in my Blood. My Grandfather was a Head Gardener at Boveridge House during the 1920’s

The Creative Process

I  work with graphic artist pens to create original pieces from which I produce my own digital prints

I take lots and lots of photos where ever I go for use as source material

My art celebrates what excites me most about what I see around me

A means to capture and share my moment of elation

I delight in colour and how it interplays in nature and on the page

Colour and line are the principal elements in my work

I introduce line to give form and a place for colour to come alive.